Take Charge of Your Child's Education

Admit it: Whether your kids are in school or not, you're their primary teacher in life. Seize the opportunity to shape your child's education. Let us lend a hand!

W is for Workshops

Ignite your kids' passion for learning with our hands-on workshops and epic bookclubs at Saddle House Books! Don’t miss out—snatch a spot in our next class, and let the educational fun begin! 

Calling All Education Explorers!

Hey there, fearless parents! Ready to embark on the epic journey of home education? You're not alone – it's a rising trend in the US! If you're a newbie feeling a bit lost or wondering if you've got this, fear not! Dive into our monthly Homeschool 101 classes, and we promise, you'll strut out feeling like a homeschooling superhero, ready to conquer it all! Let the adventure begin! 

  • Connection

    Use PLAY to create connection

  • Adventure

    Learning can be fun & exciting

  • Screen-Free

    Get off screens & get into books